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Travel insurance – for good memories about your travel!

An elaborate range of travel insurance programs for any route at an attractive price, indemnification of treatment expenses without a deductible, as well as a guarantee that if you become ill or become subject to an accident abroad, you will get a qualitative emergency medical care. These are just a few benefits provided by the travel insurance policy of Baltijas Apdrošināšanas Nams.
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Why do I need a travel insurance?

An insurance policy is the best way to protect yourself from unbudgeted expenses during your travel in case of an acute disease, an accident, loss of luggage, flight cancellation or delay and in other cases. With a travel insurance policy of Baltijas Apdrošināšanas Nams in your pocket you will not have to pay for your medical care at your expense, because the policy is like cash.

Depending on a selected insurance programme, the travel insurance policy of Baltijas Apdrošināšanas Nams will cover losses, if:
  • you are incurred treatment expenses when becoming ill or being subject to an accident during your trip;
  • you get permanently disabled or die in an accident during your trip;
  • your luggage is delayed, damaged or lost;
  • your trip is cancelled or interrupted;
  • you unintentionally incur damages to health, life or property of third parties within the framework of your civil liability;
  • you need legal assistance during your travel.
Treatment and repatriation expenses are:
  • emergency medical care expenses, incl. medical transport services;
  • expenses of arrival of a significant other to the ill person;
  • repatriation expenses;
  • in case of death – costs of burial abroad or transportation of remains.
When you insure yourself against an accident, the indemnity is paid, if you get permanently disabled or die in an accident during your trip.
When you insure your luggage and personal possessions, you are covered delay, damages or loss of your luggage or personal possessions during transportation.
The insurance of a travel cancellation or interruption means that you will be indemnified costs of early return or a part of costs for the travel, if you cannot have a planned travel due to a disease or an accident.
The private civil liability insurance means that unintentional damages incurred to health, life or property of third persons will be reimbursed.
The legal aid insurance means that legal (judicial) expenses will be covered, if you need legal assistance during your trip.
Baltijas Apdrošināšanas Nams offers four insurance programmes:
  • Basic or economic programme – covers treatment expenses, as well as compensates the use of medical transport and repatriation;
  • Standard programme – in addition to the benefits of the Basic programme includes also accident insurance;
  • Silver programme – in addition to the benefits of the Standard programme includes also luggage insurance, travel interruption or cancellation insurance, as well as private civil liability insurance;
  • Golden programme – in addition to the benefits of the Silver programme includes also legal aid insurance.
Evaluate benefits provided by the travel insurance policy of Baltijas Apdrošināšanas Nams:
– excellent customer service:
  • possibility to get an advice about the most appropriate type of insurance;
  • customized approach to customers;
  • 24 hrs assistance in any part of the world.
– favourable conditions:
  • elaborate range of insurance programs for any route;
  • the lowest insurance policy prices with required range of insured perils;
  • medical expenses are covered, if the victim is delivered to a hospital to stay there less than a day;
  • we insure also expectant mothers, and without additional fee;
  • no deductible for medical expenses – their limit is EUR 70,000 without sublimits;
  • in case of acute toothaches treatment expenses are not limited;
  • reimbursement of acquisition of drugs in case of allergies and solar burns;
  • if you become ill with a tick-borne encephalitis during your trip, no vaccination is required;
  • discounts for children, students and groups;
– benefits provided by our travel insurance policy:
  • if an accident happens during your travel, the policy acts like cash and you do not need to spend your money;
  • we cooperate with CORIS assistance service, which operatively provides assistance all over the world 24 h a day;
The size of the travel insurance premium depends on a range of factors having impact on perils. The most significant of them are:
  • selected insurance program – Basic, Standard, Silver or Golden;
  • travel territory;
  • purpose of travelling – business, leisure, winter sports, summer sports or diving;
  • sum insured;
  • travel duration.
The price of the travel insurance policy may be reduced by:
  • purchasing the policy on the Internet – 30% discount;
  • carefully selecting the insurance program appropriate for the travel destination and intended activities;
To buy the travel insurance policy:
– online:
  • you need to specify information about your travel and choose the best program;
  • provide information about the purchaser of the policy;
  • to pay online – 5 minutes and your travel insurance policy is ready.

When you purchase a travel insurance policy of Baltijas Apdrošināšanas Nams the needs of every customer are faced on a case-to-case basis. To offer the best price for the travel insurance policy each detail is important – detailed information about the route, duration of your travel, planned activities and the insured.

The services in Estonia are provided in conformity with the European Union’s principle of freedom to provide services, which stipulates that an insurer willing to provide insurance services in an EU member state without opening a subsidiary there has to notify in writing the Finance and Capital Market Commission, which has been done.